Monday, November 22, 2004

News: NYTimes Article on EA Lawsuits Alleging Unfair Working Practices
Posted by Shocker :: 11:10 PM

(Link to full article. Requires Registration.) (Subvert the registration - Thanks Shad)

Very interesting article. Before I got into college, it was a dream of mine to design games. It sort of fell by the wayside a few years ago, but I'm considering picking it back up. I actually admire EA a great deal. They pump out very good and great games with startling regularity.

However, if this is true, and I don't have much reason to disbelieve it, they need to really evaluate what they're doing. It's not uncommon to push young people to work to extremes out of college... Talk to any young lawyer. It's entirely another thing to not compensate them fairly for it. Given the nature of the gaming business, rather than building a solid team of loyal workers, they're much more likely to spawn a hundred small competitors who learned the trade by toiling in their salt mines for a few years. If I were a stockholder in EA, I know I'd rather see some long-term viability to the company in the form of reduced turnover.

In any case, this will add some fuel to the stupid "EA is satan" fire.

- Dan

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