Wednesday, November 17, 2004

News: Halo 2 Followup
Posted by Shocker :: 11:46 PM

Since I posted my review, Bungie has issued an autoupdate for XBL that dramatically increases (speaking from my own experience) the time it takes to arrange a match. On the negative side, I have played a couple more games that had an additional amount of lag. To quote from their release:

The Halo 2 Autoupdate is a small piece of software which will improve the functionality of Halo 2, most notably in the following areas:

Matchmaking: Some players have experienced irritating delays while waiting for a game to be found while in Quickmatch and Optimatch. This is caused by a combination of factors, including connection speed and other detailed nuances of matchmaking. We have isolated the cause and applied a solution to the autoupdate which should normalize that wait time.

I have a feeling "we have isolated the cause" means "We've stopped being so picky about connection speed". However, I'll take an extra laggy game in 10 or 20 to get more games in.

In addition, this update unlocks a secret multiplayer level previously unlocked when you beat the game and complete a certain action (which, since it's out for grabs is no longer a spoiler, right?) It's interesting to see Bungie's response to the, um, constructive criticism, on their boards. You can view the full release at

- Dan

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