Thursday, October 28, 2004

News: Nintendo Ships Retro Series 2 for the GBA
Posted by Chris :: 9:28 PM

Nintendo of America has shipped the second series of Classic NES for Game Boy Advance. Each game is a direct port of the original version, except for a multiplayer feature in Dr. Mario. The games are sold individually for $19.99 each. The new lineup:

Dr. Mario®: A massive virus outbreak can only be solved in one way: Throw a bunch of pills at the problem. When you're unwinding after shopping for luxury cars with a friend, compete head-to-head using a Game Boy® Advance Wireless Adapter or the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable.

Metroid®: The original side-scrolling adventure featuring badass bounty-hunting babe Samus Aran. She can bring home the bacon and disintegrate it with her Plasma Beam.

Zelda II™: The Adventure of Link®: You swing a sword and rescue a princess. Put simply, Link could buy and sell you.

Castlevania®: Mummies, bats and zombies try to prevent you from undoing a curse in this classic adventure from Konami. Think of it as a rough day on the trading floor, except you have a magic whip.

Well, Dr. Mario is gonna be a definate pick up for me, but if you wanna get Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission is right there. It's got the Original, plus an updated version, which is great. I never was a big Castlevania fan, admittedly. Y'know, I do think it'd be much easier to put like several of these games on one cart. You know they can do it, and who wouldn't die to have say SMB1, 2, and 3 on one cart? I know I would. Dead, I say.

Also Zelda II sucked. Yeah, I seddit.

(News: Planet Gamecube)

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