Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fable Breaks US XBox Record
Posted by Shocker :: 7:59 PM

Microsoft announced today that Fable, which already had the fastest-selling first week of any Xbox title, now grabs the record for biggest-selling first month of any Xbox title in the United States. Even further, the Xbox-exclusive RPG was the best-selling console title, across all platforms, for September. Yeah, we call that a hit.

Source: IGN

I dunno. The XBox has had 3 big run-out-and-get-it titles: Halo, Brute Force and now Fable. I wonder if it's more a sign of a drought of really great console exclusives (or really well-hyped console exclusives). I can't even remember hearing KOTOR setting any single-month records, and it seems, from the hour I played Fable so far, to be a better game than either of the last two.

I'll get to Fable more extensively in a bit. But at the moment, it's totally jobbing to Paper Mario right now.

- Dan

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