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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

News: GTA Made Me Do It
Posted by Ryan :: 4:37 PM

Should the people who make and sell "violent video" games be held accountable if someone commits a crime because of playing them?

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News: Shadow of the Colossus (Ico 2)
Posted by JayGo :: 9:21 AM

After the disappointment of Katamari Damacy not making it to the UK, and the general silence about the game of late, I was fearing that the sequel to Ico had disappeared completely off the radar at Sony HQ. Thank heavens, then, for this news:

'Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed its Japanese ICO development team's second game, known to you and us as Wanda And The Colossus, will be released in Europe during 2005.

In a brief missive sent to hacks this morning, Sony offered no specific details on the game other than its European name. Wanda, often referred to by its working title NICO, will henceforth be known as Shadow of the Colossus around these parts.'

Aside from the slight corniness of the new name, I am now a happy bunny. Especially when other sources says the release is set for the third quarter.. well, before the inevitable delay, anyway!

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