Monday, May 16, 2005

Welcome to E3 2005!
Posted by JayGo :: 2:48 AM

Hey everyone, it's E3 week! Woo!

Throughout this week, I'll be here posting highlights from the events over in LA.. but of course, you will have to go to other sites to catch everything. Even if some other AC members chime in during E3 with news and the like, none of us are actually going. So therefore, what I'm setting out to do with this first post of the week is recommend some other places you might like to go in order to check up on what's going on.

First up, the big two. Gamespot have their E3 homepage up already, and it's quite nicely set out with links to all their articles, previews and streaming videos. It looks like they'll be the most comprehensive this year, but IGN as always will be trying to give them a good run for their money. Page is a bit less tidy, though. There's also their 'other half', GameSpy, who will be.. a lot like IGN, probably.

As for the rest.. look quite impressive, GameDaily less so. The official E3 website, E3Insider, should be up and running later today. Eurogamer will be trying their hardest, bless 'em. Well, at least their address is nice. And TeamXBox will be hideously biased as always. :)

If you're after the official line on all the announcements, then you'll be wanting the official sites. Sony have a placeholder up at the moment, while all the XBox and Nintendo stuff looks like it'll be going on their main sites as of right now. Keep a look out in particular at the Sony and XBox sites, as it seems those two might be the only places to find live feeds of their respective press conferences..

Just after media from the show, like screenshots and videos? In that case, take a look at GameTrailers and Kikizo for starters. XBoxyde have also been particularly good at finding exclusive XBox related screenshots in recent weeks. And finally, if you're really lazy, try NewsNow. They'll be trying to bring you links to coverage from a huge array of sources. Oh, and Kotaku will be blogging away throughout, too.

So, there we go. Enjoy the week, and keep checking back here for more all throughout E3 2005!

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