Friday, May 13, 2005

E3 Update: Test Drive Unlimited (XBox 360)
Posted by JayGo :: 10:37 AM

What with all the hype around the XBox 360 since last nights unveil, it seems some of the actual games for the console are going by unnoticed. Here's a case in point. Now I know all the Test Drive games of late have been a bit crap, but you've got to admire the effort being shown for this one. Here's some quotes from a preview over at IGN:
What's really exciting about this title is that it takes place in a persistent online world. Through satellite imagery and GPS tracking, Eden Games has recreated the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The geography is correct down to the smallest detail, and all of the street names are correct. This may have seemed like an outrageous claim, except that I have actually hiked across Oahu and was able to pin-point buildings, roads, and specific geography from the island. To give you an idea of just how impressive it was to see this take place in-engine, Oahu contains approximately 596 square miles with 112 miles of shoreline and a peak elevation of about 4000 feet.

We know that every Xbox 360 game will have custom soundtracks, but Test Drive takes things a step further. The car radio actually streams MP3 web radio stations when playing over Xbox Live. When driving online, players will see other 360 gamers driving around the island and can challenge each other by flashing their brights. There is a map editor that allows players to quickly mark a start point and an end point on the map and decide the rules of the race. Players can wager money or cars when setting up these challenges. Feel like creating a three hour race where the looser forfeits their ride? Press a few buttons and the work is done.
So let's just hope it's a good game, then. Saying that, the guys behind this one did make V Rally.. and that was quite good..

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