Wednesday, May 11, 2005

E3 Update: Prey
Posted by JayGo :: 3:58 PM

Wow. Look everyone, it actually exists! Now all we need is Duke Nukem Forever, and.. wait, who am I kidding? Anyway, yes, Prey is back. Gamespot have posted a nice little Q&A on the resurrected game, which answers such questions as why the game has been brought back from the dead after all this time:

The decision to revive Prey was based on finding a talented studio that we thought could do the project justice. So when we found out that Human Head was interested in developing the game, it became an easy decision to pursue it once again. Prey's appeal was based on leading-edge technology, a strong, unique character-based story, and unique gameplay hooks. Over the years since Prey's original conception, there's not been a game that's stolen Prey's original thunder. So the door was wide open for us to revive the project.

Also, while the original ideas for Prey were mostly solid, Human Head and we have refined and improved most aspects of the game, and we've cut out some elements that weren't as strong. In effect, the concept, gameplay hooks, and story have benefited from years of consideration, giving the game a foundation that most projects simply cannot match.

If you want to read more, the article is here.

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