Saturday, December 04, 2004

Review: Capcom Fighting Evolution (PS2)
Posted by Ariel :: 8:02 PM

Well. This was something. I had completely forgotten that Capcom was releasing this title until Dan came over one weekend and told me about it. He said that this game was supposed to mix up different styles of play in one video game. I was thinking I'd get to finally match up Alpha chracters against SF3 characters against some of the VS title's characters. Instead what I get is a spattering of characters from 5 series (Including Red Earth, a Capcom title so obscure that the man that played Jojo's Bizarre Adventure one and two has never even HEARD of it) put together in a game that is, in one short, to the point word: Lame.

Why is this game lame? I'll tell you why. Capcom did not make this game. I refuse to believe it. Now as almost everyone who has ever mashed buttons in an arcade know, Capcom loves to rehash their stuff. Sure, it was an attempt to make money but they were always forgiven because each of their iterations was noticeably superior to the previous version. They always improved on something (sometimes everything) even if it was just a little bit. The Street Fighter Collection was just that, a collection. This game was suppsed to be an evolution of their past fighters. What you actually get is a step backward for everything. Instead of composing new animations for some of the older character models, the newer ones were simply downgraded. Instead of providing you with a large array of characters to choose from, only 4 from each series were provided. There are no real modes to speak of, and none of the added features (custom colors, online play, multiple system tweaks) that are usually prevalent in current-gen fighting games. If you could possibly phone-in a game then that's exactly what Capcom did here.

The graphics where a step down from where they could have been, the AI had no sense of progression, the choice of characters was limited and some choices were just nonsensical (Why include the Red Earth characters when you have so few characters from the more popular series?). I don't think the music was bad but there were simply so many other things wrong that it doesn't matter. It's got Capcom on it so you'd expect it to be at least a lot of fun. It's not even that. It's all cross-game gimmick with none of the substance of any of the games. It's not godawful (the core play mechanics of the original games are there and it has a certain fun novelty aspect to it) but it's pretty close. At least it wasn't buggy, that would have been the kicker. Strong recommendation to avoid, especially if you like Capcom. That's why I'm giving it a:

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