Friday, December 17, 2004

News: Links! Top Spin! Amped! Dead.
Posted by JayGo :: 10:04 AM

It's like a sports news special today, isn't it?
The Salt Lake City based development studio behind titles including Top Spin, Amped and Links has been sold to Take Two Interactive, in a move which finalises Microsoft Game Studios' move out of the sports market. The sale was confirmed last night by Take Two president Paul Eibeler, but no details have yet been announced regarding which of Take Two's labels will run the studio, or what games are in development at the company.

It's believed that Indie Built are currently focusing their efforts on next-generation development, and following the Take Two acquisition, the studio will undoubtedly be looking to develop across multiple platforms rather than just on Xbox consoles.
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Anyone think this was one of the conditions of the Microsoft/EA deal from back at E3? Even if it wasn't, it still sucks. Mainly because (while I never played Amped that much) Top Spin and Links were both fine, fine games - with a far better implementation of Xbox Live than any of the EA Sports titles so far. Though to be fair, that's not that hard. Still, hopefully Indie Built will keep up the good work..

Whatever happened to XSN Sports, anyway?

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