Monday, November 01, 2004

News: Resident Evil 4
Posted by JayGo :: 10:01 AM

If Blogger eats my text again this time, I'll scream. Much like the Resident Evil fans who went out and bought a Gamecube, I guess...
A PlayStation 2 version of the hugely-anticipated Resident Evil 4 will be released in Japan at the end of 2005, Capcom has confirmed, ending the long-term exclusivity arrangement it had previously signed with Nintendo. The move could also pave the way for long overdue ports of other previously GameCube-exclusive titles Resident Evil Zero and the well-received remake of Resident Evil.

Capcom will certainly be aware of the benefits of cross platform releases, with SEGA having enjoyed huge success with Sonic Heroes this year, with the firm announcing its first European million-seller in years. Capcom will no doubt realise the same fruits are on offer if it can finally co-ordinate its Resident Evil release strategy once and for all.
First Monkey Ball, now this. Is there such a thing as a third-party exclusive left for the Gamecube? Sure, it's still getting the games.. but it looks like the success of the last year or two of the life of the console will be solely reliant on Nintendo games alone. I mean, not a bad company to have exclusively, but still. The Legend Of Zelda can only take you so far. They'll need more.

Hmm. What sports hasn't Mario played already? I guess Super Mario Power Hockey isn't too far off...

Def Mario: Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom!
Mario Cricket!
Mario Soccer Slam!
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