Tuesday, November 02, 2004

News: Nobuo Uematsu and Square Part Ways
Posted by DrHogie :: 8:53 AM

From Slashdot who gets it from Gamespot: (link to Gamespot):

According to Gamespot, Nobuo Uematsu and Square will be seperating. Nobuo was the person responsible for the mostly awe-inspiring music for the Final Fantasy games. The report indicates that he will be moving to a company called "Smile Please". While this was first thought to be a rumor it was later announced on Uematsu 's fansite that it is true. He states that it isn't "quitting", but more of a graduation. There are hints in this article saying he will still do work for Square, but at his own pace. The good news is that he still plans to write more music for video games, perform more concerts, and produce the second Black Mages Album.

As a longtime fan of the music of Final Fantasy, this saddens me. The music in Final Fantasy 4 and 6 was simply astounding and Uematsu's scores from the other games were sensational as well. I hope this means he will be doing work for Square still -- but the "at his own pace" doesn't sound very reassuring.

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