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The Console Christmas Challenge
Posted by DrHogie :: 2:27 PM

Here's the challenge:

A friend asks you to get him a console hookup for a Christmas gift. The gift is going to a friend who has no consoles, but will enjoy playing games. The friend is open to all types of gaming. So you're given $250USD in tax-free spending. With this money, you have to buy a console, any accessories, and games. The object is to get the baddest gaming collection possible.

The Rules:
--$250 to spend.
--All items must be bought online.
--Neither sales tax nor shipping counts towards your $250 total.
--Links to the games/deals in question would be very helpful.
--Refurbished and used games are allowed.

As far as the games go, the two priorities are bang for the buck and a really fun library of games. We will assume for this that the friend in quesiton will be playing single-player and/or online multiplater, with the occasional gathering of friends.


Okay, so I tried this for each of the three main consoles. All items are second hand, and come from pre-played, unless otherwise stated.


Refurbished console: $69.99
3rd party 2nd controller: $9.99
3rd party memory card: $7.99
Aggressive Inline: $5.99
Beyond Good and Evil: $14.99
Crazy Taxi: $9.99
Eternal Darkness: $12.99
Lord Of The Rings Two Towers: $9.99
Luigi's Mansion: $12.99
Metroid Prime: $12.99
NBA Street: $7.99
NHL Hitz 2002: $4.99
SSX Tricky: $5.99
Star Wars Rogue Squadron: $7.99
Super Mario Sunshine: $17.99
Super Monkey Ball 2: $17.99
The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker: $17.99
TOTAL = $248.83

Playstation 2
Refurbished console: $119.99
Memory card: $19.99
3rd party 2nd controller: $5.99
Grand Theft Auto 3: Included with console
Madden 2004: Included with console
Final Fantasy X: $12.99
Gran Turismo 3: $5.99
Grand Theft Auto Vice City: $12.99
Jak and Daxter: $7.99
Mad Maestro: $5.99
Metal Gear Solid 2: $7.99
Maximo: $5.99
NBA Street: $5.99
SSX Tricky: $9.99
Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers: $9.99
Virtua Fighter 4 Evo: $9.99
WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth: $5.99
TOTAL = $247.85

X Box
Refurbished console: $119.99
3rd party 2nd controller: $9.99
Jet Set Radio Future: Included with console
Sega GT: Included with console
Aggressive Inline: $5.99
Amped: $9.99
Blinx The Time Sweeper: $5.99
Dead or Alive 3: $12.99
Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers: $9.99
Madden 2003: $3.99
NBA Inside Drive 2003: $3.99
NHL 2k3: $3.99
Prince of Persia: $17.99
Project Gotham Racing 2: $17.99
Grand Theft Auto 3: $8.99 from Gamestop
Grand Theft Auto Vice City: $9.99 from Gamestop
Midtown Madness 3: $8.99 from Gamestop
TOTAL = $246.85
1. Microsoft XBox Video Game Console $96.50

My reasoning here is mostly financial - Dongy McJinglebells will benefit more during multiplayer with a console with built-in four player support than he would if I had to buy a multitap.

2. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell $5

Splinter Cell 1 is still a great, great game with current-gen feel to it even though it's got two successors now. Anyone who likes the stealth genre will love this game and it's a total steal at $5.

3. MechAssault $4.99

Same with MechAssault. Great game, a lot of fun online. Total steal.

4. XBox Phoenix Controller with Bonus 2 Month XBOX Live Subscription and headset $49.99

Killing a few birds with a single stone, now you've got a second controller for your annoying friend, XBox Live, and a headset in one package.

5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic $14.99

One of the best XBox (non-PC) exclusives, and a must-try for anyone looking for a great Star Wars game.

6. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 $10.60

Great game. Basically counter-strike style console squad combat in first person. Great graphics... Actually, at $10.60, I may grab this for the XBox Live play.

7. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time $12.99

Your 2003 Game of The Year is criminally underpriced. But what would be more criminal is passing it up here. The XBox version is live aware and has the best graphics of the three games to boot.

8. Project Gotham Racing $4.49

Incredible racing experience. Very mature, very tight, yet also with a looser, less sim-like feel ((as opposed to GT). Game manages to nail the simulation aspects whil not hammering out all the fun from the game. Great music and great steal at under $5.

9. Brute Force $3.99

"It's worth 4 bucks"

10. Aggressive Inline $3.79

WAAAAAY underrated. First game to introduce open-ended free-form play that Tony Hawk FINALLY adapted with Underground. Only this game was really fun and totally ignored. Crying shame. But at $3.79, who's laughing now?

11. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind $4.40

I love this game and its open ended play. It's so open ended that it's a bit unfocused, but if YOU stay focused, you should do just fine. Steal at $4.40.

12. Madden 2002$2

It's $2.

13. NHL 2002 $3

I don't even like hockey, but this is by far and away one of the most fun sports games I've ever played. I bought the 2003 version. They tried to Sim it up and it's not as much out and out fun. Try this game. It's really great. And it's $3. :)

14. NBA 2k2 $2.42

Decent B-Ball game at a great price.

15. GTA: Double Pack $18.50

Hush up those PS2 fanboys by playing their biggest console exclusive on your XBox. At less than $20, this is also a total deal.

10. Fisherman's Bass Club $3.99 Fisherman's Bass Club $3.99 Fisherman's Bass Club $4.02 Fisherman's Bass Club $4.28 Toxic Grind $4.41Oh man, this is so double-dark-ritual-sengir-first-turn-awesome (yes, some of you know what I'm talking about and hahaha). EB Games is strict as a butt about what games they'll accept for tradein credit on their special offers. Basically, if you've ever heard of it, or seen it before, it's off the list. WELL, due to some intrepid investigative work by my assistant, me, I uncovered a pair of games so off the radar, even EB Games hasn't picked up on them yet. The offer, gentlemen? Trade in up to 5 used games for any of the three consoles, receive $10 in store credit for each othem. For the purchase of

HALO 2, for $20.69~

Total cost: $249.95

- Dan
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