Wednesday, October 27, 2004

News: Super Princess Peach
Posted by JayGo :: 3:37 PM

Time for some news in keeping with the site design, I guess!
Nintendo has cleared its throat in front of Famitsu, to announce a brand new DS title. Joining other cast members from Mario’s extended family (Wario, Luigi etc), Princess Peach is the latest character to get her own touch-screen enabled outing.

Super Princess Peach will be a 2D scrolling action game (featuring Princess Peach). She will also be armed with an umbrella with which to attack oncoming enemies. Putting two and two together, we can comfortably suggest that the player will use the stylus to swipe, stab and control the umbrella.
So, despite all the 3D abilities of the DS, it looks as though it's going to attempt to continue the GBA tradition of fine 2D games. Which is fine. Wish they'd been slightly more imaginative with that name, though.. is everything going to continue to be 'Super'?

I kind of saw this coming. I don't know why, but during "Paper Mario", I was thinking "You know, the Mario brothers don't have a sister or strong female main character... except for Toadstool (I suppose). You KNOW that's the way marketing is going to go."

As far as super, EVERYYTHING'S super, baby! Maybe she's on the shrooms now too. Does she throw fireballs like a girl?

- Dan
She probably throws fireballs like Luigi, which is to say, yeah like a girl.

Yeah, I went there.
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