Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My thumbs!! My thuuuumbs!!!
Posted by Ariel :: 7:28 PM

Salutations. My alias is the Saint and I'll be one of your reviewers for this bold experiment. I've been playing video games for years and years (as has everyone here I believe) and I've had my share of agonizing hardships, ecstatic elations, blistered thumbs and all-out fun with the many video games I've played. I will strive my best to add the the integrity and enthusiasm of this group. I own an X-Box (a king among gaming systems) and Nintendo probably owns part of my soul by now (I share a name with their icon for goodness sakes!). I love fighting games, action-adventures, stealth strategy games (MGS and Splinter Cell), FPSs and real-time RPGs (think KOTOR and Fable ). I'd like to get the dibs on Halo 2 (since I already own a copy and will play it from dawn to dusk most likely) but we'll see how it goes. One thing I do have is Fable, which I'll put up shortly.

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