Saturday, October 23, 2004

Counter-Counter Review: Def Jam Fight For NY
Posted by Anthony :: 4:21 PM

Shocker Dan posted a response to my review, this is the response to the response. Try saying that 5 times fast...

I was thinking as a sequel to Def Jam Vendetta, which I did like. But as a sequel to that game, it's a horrible, horrible "wrestling" or even "wrestling-style" game. The game turned more into a street fighter, and as such, I suppose it was pretty good. I would issue a word of warning that if you're going into DJFFNY expecting a worthy sequel to the wrestling in DJV, run away. :)

I think that would be the very first thing I'd tell a person about this game as a sequel: It's not. :)

Seriously, story wise it's a great sequel, but it's not even funny how they've gone and changed the dynamic of the game. I found that in the first game, the wrestling ring was fun, but become constricting after a while. It's great to see AKI using a diverse array of locals, including a few rings.

My other issues with the game were that the finishers would get very close to, but not completely finishing off your opponents far too often. I felt cheated during most matches because I would hit the finisher and then not actually finish the guy off. I wouldn't really be all that annoyed with it if it didn't seem to happen an inordinate number of times. Did you have a similar experience?

I did feel surprised once or twice early on when I found my finisher alone wasn't going to cut it. But I got used to it as I went on, and started to realize how brilliant it was that hitting a finisher WOULDN'T guarrantee you a win. That adds a level of challenge to the fights, that one move won't be the end all.

Also, as a kickboxer, you're pretty much limited to strikes and grabs, through which you strike more. Which is fine, but it doesn't put a lot of variety or spin into what you can do. Am I correct in that the only expansion you can get moves-wise comes when you learn another style? Every extra move I'd purchased was just another finisher. Other issue was that the fights seemed a bit cheap and random- sometimes I'd completely kill a guy who had just completely killed me.

The only new moves you can choose from (i.e. purchase) are the Blazin' moves. When you buy a new style, that style's moves are mixed in with your current ones automatically. I actually thought that was a step down from the last game, that you couldn't choose your basic moves and switch them around.

On the plus side, the game is totally immersive and well-written. The create-a-wrestler thing you go through at the beginning was a stroke of genius (your character commits or is accused of committing a crime, and your facial features and body type are determined by the description "you" give the police about the guy, up to and including the voice.). The finishers are absolutely devastating, as well, and well done with lighting effects and graphics (which is why it annoyed me when the guy would just get up afterward with a tiny sliver of health left). I don't really want to play it again, and I think I should before I give it a score, but I'll definitely recommend that you rent before you buy, just to see if it's something you'll dig.

In heavy agreement with the above. The police sketch activity, and the story line as a whole, was very interesting. I actually wanted to watch the cutscenes in this one, unlike other games.

Thanks for the reply Dan.

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